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Quick Facts

Type of Event Foehn storm
Verification State QC1
ESWD Not reported
Location Alps and north of Alps
Time / Duration Long-time event
Date 14.-16.11.2002
Magnitude / Dimension Highest wind gust was measured on top of Gütsch: 172 km/h

Mountains: on top of some mountains wind gusts between 150 and 180 km/h could be measured

In the classic foehn valleys mostly between 100 and 120 km/h
Vaduz: 116 km/h_ Altenrhein: 101 km/h_ Glarus: 98 km/h_etc.

Damage -
Fatalities -
Injuries -
Report Source Newspaper reports, data from official weather stations
Remarks -




Quelle: Freiburger Nachrichten 15. November 2002

Quelle: Walliser Bote 15. November 2002



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