20131110 01 Funnelclouds Bodensee

Aus Schweizer Sturmarchiv
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Quick Facts

Type of Event Funnelclouds (at least 2)
Verification State QC1
ESWD Not reported
Location Lake of Constance
Time / Duration Time: 1st at 13.56 UTC; 2nd at 14.01 UTC / Duration: about one minute each
Date 10.11.2013
Magnitude -
Damage -
Fatalities -
Injuries -
Report Source Report in a weather forum, photos
Remarks These two funnelclouds originated in an environment which is usually not favorable for the development of such kinds of vortices: the winds in all heights were very strong and also a distinguishable wind shear was not given. It is believed that strong convection contributed to this event.

Folgende Bilder konnten von Andreas Walker (aka Dr. Funnel) eingefangen werden:

1. Funnelcloud - 14.56 Uhr MEZ:
20131110 01 Funnelclouds Bodensee Walker1.jpg
Quelle: http://www.sturmforum.ch/viewtopic.php?f=2&t=8961

1. Funnelcloud - 14.56 Uhr MEZ:
20131110 01 Funnelclouds Bodensee Walker2.jpg
Quelle: http://www.sturmforum.ch/viewtopic.php?f=2&t=8961

2. Funnelcloud - 15.01 Uhr MEZ:
20131110 01 Funnelclouds Bodensee Walker3.jpg
Quelle: http://www.sturmforum.ch/viewtopic.php?f=2&t=8961


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