20160624 08 Downburst Bubikon ZH

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Quick Facts

Type of Event Microburst
Verification State QC1
ESWD Not reported
Location Bubikon (ZH), Egelsee
Time / Duration 18.15 - 18.30 UTC
Date 24.06.2016
Magnitude / Dimension estimated wind gusts of above 100 km/h
Damage / Impact One barn completely destroyed, dozens of trees downed or snapped, bricks fallen off roofs
Fatalities -
Injuries -
Report Sources Reports in newspapers, photos of damage, video of event
Remarks Initially it was not sure, whether the origin of the wind damage was a downburst or a tornado. A damage survey as well as a video of the event and several other indications led to the conclusion that it must have been a microburst.


Wird bald vervollständigt.


Wird bald vervollständigt.


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20160624 08 Downburst Bubikon ZH Abplanalp1.jpg

20160624 08 Downburst Bubikon ZH Abplanalp2.jpg

20160624 08 Downburst Bubikon ZH Abplanalp3.jpg
© Fabian Abplanalp / Quelle: Badi Egelsee

Weitere Bilder und Videos vom Sturm in der Badi Egelsee sind unter diesem Link zu finden.


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